Worthy Wellness Initiative

Helping the less privileged women beat breast cancer by early detection

Our President’s Address:


Worthy Wellness Initiative was birthed out of my deep desire to help women beat breast cancer by early detection.

Studies have shown that the best cure for breast cancer is early detection. However, so many women who are less privileged and can not afford breast screening end up dying of breast cancer due to late detection. Hence my sincere desire to reduce this mortality to the barest minimum through our foundation.
The ailment of cancer, which indiscriminately touches upon all layers of the society, and upon both genders, has become a global concern, as the number of those touched by this illness is increasing on daily basis. Aware of this, endeavours of scientific and medical community are also increasing aiming to find a cure, as well as to prevent this illness.


From this manifestation, I call upon our institutions for more care attention and care, for greater engagement and dedication to the battle of early detection of breast cancer, for larger financial support to the scientific research, as well as procurement of all necessary medication for treatment and prevention of this illness.
With the engagement of all of us together, we shall be successful. We will win over the illness.

We have demonstrated that with untiring work and devotion, many a challenges can be overcome, many illnesses can be prevented, if diagnosed early enough, and the only way for an early detection is to have regular medical check-ups, which should become part of our general culture for the sake of a healthier lives. It is better, and cheaper, to prevent than to cure. For this reason, Worthy Wellness will organize free breast screening regularly for women.


To win over this illness, we must win consecutive battles. While your family members, your most beloved, are with you at all times, rest assured that we are also with you at all times.

The fight against the breast cancer is a joint fight of ours.
Success is a mission possible.

Thank you 

Chinwe Godwin-Omoaka (Mrs)

Changing future

Giving back is always a great way to get to know people around you and also give them listening ear.


What do you do when something terrible happens? Hopefully, you reach out to a loved one for support. We rely on the people around us for emotional support both in good and bad times. As much as this need for connection is ingrained in us, it also goes the other way. This is the essence of giving back to the community; supporting others in the ups and downs of life just as they support you.


We are so passionate about giving back to the society and as a result, we will be organizing different programs ranging from workshops, seminars and free breast screening regularly to create breast cancer awareness and help finance treatments for women who are less privileged or have little or no income. This is what we are passionate about and we are eager to pursue the cause. We are eager to reduce breast cancer deaths. We are eager to hear that no one dies of breast cancer anymore. We are eager to impact lives positively. We are eager to change the future concerning breast cancer mortality rate.


The secret to living is giving. We grow so we can eventually give. So join and support us in this cause. We are in this fight together.

Useful information

We are a new foundation that is basically focused on detecting breast cancer early and the subsequent treatment. We strongly believe and hope that one day, no one will die of breast cancer. 
However, this seems like a long journey, but with your support, it certainly will be an effortless and easy journey. We are all together in this so, If you think you want to support us using any skill you may have. If you a beginner in your field and want to support us while developing your skill, we will deeply appreciate it as we are  on a look out for volunteers in relevant fields; doctors, nurses, designers, editors, developers, fundraisers, contents and page managers and web developers.